Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 46: Birthday Day!

Instructions: Don't forget your special buddies' special day! Write their birthdays down here so you'll remember them.

For those of you who can't be bothered, here is a list of convincing excuses:

I couldn't remember where you lived
I knocked my head on the pavement and suffered 24-hour amnesia
To be honest, I never liked you much anyway
Surely our friendship transcends material possessions like gifts
We have this telepathic bond, and that's how I sent the card
I can barely recall your name, let alone your birthday
You didn't remind me
I gave you a present last year
Wht'r u tlkng bout? I snt u a txt msge, d'nt u gt it?
Well, you forgot our friendship anniversary
I was gonna call but my bunny rabbit passed away
I spent time with my mother
I only follow the Chinese calendar
I didn't forget! You must have an evil double

Notes: Facebook already does this for me so need need to reinvent the wheel. Those of you who aren't on FB sorry for forgetting.