todas cosas espanol

I have been trying to raise my beautiful baby, Olivia Beckett, bilingual since the time she was born.  This has posed quite a challenge being that neither my husband nor I are fluent Spanish speakers. Actually, if we are being totally honest - we don't know much past 'hola,' 'coma estas,' and the verb 'fumar' from our rebellious high school days.

I am shocked that in our multicultural world it is so difficult to find language programs from children. I have done what I can - hired only Spanish speaking babysitters (I love you Maria and Shayla), have her watch cartoons on the Spanish channel, use what little Spanish I know.  I have even signed up for my own weekly Spanish class and so in honor of those who share my struggle (Shayla, Miguel) in trying to raise bilingual children in a monolingual home and as a way to inspire my newly found amigos that I share each Tuesday night with as we painstakingly try to remember how to conjugate verbs (nuestro maestra es muy paciente - how'd I do Iwona?) I wanted to add a page where I can share what few resources I have come across in trying to learn a new language. And if they, you, I still feel completely incompetent, I suggest a reading of the short story "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris (hysterical).

Me Talk Pretty One Day 


1)  "Travel the world with lawyer Raquel Rodr√≠guez as she solves a mystery for a dying man. Watch the complete Destinos series, practice your Spanish, and find new resources for learning and teaching Spanish."Destinos Series with accompanying quizzes/games

2) Quizlet - Great resource suggested by my friend Lori for making flashcard - Quizlet

3) Spanishdict - Great resource with a translator, phrasebook, free word of the day, flashcards and more Spanishdict

For the kids

1) Camp Fantastico - A one week camp held this June at Lakeland Community College Main Campus in Kirtland. Camp Fantastico

2) iPhone app for kids ($2.99)  Feed Me Spanish-

3) iPhone app Flash Spanish (free)  Spanish vocabulary for food, animals, letters, transportation, numbers, colors, body parts, play, music -

4) Cleveland Spanish Academy -

5) Camp Globo (Stow area) -!contact/c1z0x

6) Great website for Spanish games for children -

7) Apparently the Y offers a class, but not until age 6: Spanish Classes at the Y


9) Liv picked up a book from the library, Bebe goes to the beach, and it just happened to be rhyming bilingual book! Yay! Check out the author's website at