33 birthday acts of kindess - following robyn bomar's lead

Stay tuned...Coming Monday March 4 and lasting through the week.

1) Paid for part of this woman's groceries (see post on home page for the story - it is pretty funny)
2) Gave cashier $20 tip for saving me from paying for all of this woman's groceries (again - see story on home page).
3) Let a car out in traffic
4) Donated a box of books to the Mentor Library (after So. Euclid/Lyndhurst denied our donation)
5) Voted for Cuyahoga County Library for the National Medal for Museum and Library Science
6) Jointed Team Jack and sent out donation form to friends and family (For eight years I was a behavior therapist trained through the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism and now I'm just a person with many close friends whose children suffer from autism).  Visit my  Walk Now for Autism donation page for more information.

7) Clicked for a cause on every site listed on the random acts of kindness foundation website
8) Upcycled paint chips by....
9) Writing uplifting quotes and placing them on the windshields of randoms (but now I am worried as I saw one woman get in her car with a handicap sticker, totally not notice my note, and drive off - hoping inspiration quote doesn't block her vision causing an accident).
10) Attempted to donate blood (see story on home page)

11) Collected all the shopping carts from parking lot and put in designated collection areas.
12) Deposited two used cups from a random shopping cart into trashcan.
13) Complimented people
14) Made cookies with my daughter, nieces, and sister-in-law to take to our local fire station.

15) Brought all the trashcans in our cul-de-sac up for the neighbors.
16) Brought flowers to someone special
16) Left a treat in someone's mailbox
17) Put I love you notes in Joe's lunch all week
18) Add a Todos casas de Espanol tab to my blog and emailed it to all my amigos
19) Made a donation basket for the Lake County Humane Society
Picture a bit dark but at least Quinn approves!
20) Took Quinn on a walk
21) Picked up all litter I saw on our walk around the block
22) Pre registered for ReadForMySchool.org
23) Created a how to start a blog doc for a few inspried friends (work in progress)
Tips for creating a blog
24) Left money taped to vending machine

When I picked Liv up later that day money was gone but someone left a thank you note :)

25) Visited the Veterans to drop off thank you notes

26) Gave Liv half hour belly rub
27) Donated a bag of toys to daycare
28) Fed the meters today
29) Dropped random change on the sidewalk for 'lucky' passer-byers to find
30) Donated (with Joe's card - thanks babe! it all comes and goes from the same pot - right?) to harvest for hunger
31) Put change in the Christmas Jar - if you are not familiar with Christmas Jars check it out at the link below
32) Personally thanked everyone who wished me well on facebook for my b-day. It was a great way to share some memories and rekindle some long lost friendships (if even for a moment).  If I happened to miss you it is because I swear all my messages don't show up in this stupid timeline template. 
33) Donated to a charity at the DMV. Okay so I know my last act didn't seem very profound but it was actually much harder than I thought to come up with 33 act of kindness. I thank all of you who have been following this blog.  Your support is an act of kindness in itself.