Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 43: This Evening Write a Proper Diary Account of Your Day

Instructions: If Winston Churchill found time to write in his diary when he was busy fighting World War II, so can you. Here's a typical entry:
06/06/44. Woke up 8-ish, slept fairly well though had a strange dream featuring an elephant and a mongoose, perhaps attributable to that third bottle of claret. I really could not find the energy to rouse myself but Clemmie insisted that I should go and fight the war. Bless her. Arrived at War Office at midday to find Monty in a mess over D-day. As far as I can tell everything seems to be going to plan. Am not really that interested since they forbade me to join in. Anyhow, other than that, not much of a day. Scrambled eggs for dinner. Bed now.

05/25/14. Woke up 6ish, had my pumpkin coffee and prepared for another day of manning the garage sale. Disturbed thinking about the documentary on ocras in captivity #blackfish that I watched late last night. Slow, sluggish day, but felt good to bask in the sun. Checked pool consistently to see if algae levels will permit us to swim tomm. Anxious about the outcome. I can't stop eating crap. Bags at Bruce's and then to bed. Good to be reunited with my babies.