A gift every hour on the hour for your bday

Yet, another great idea stolen from pinterest . Picture of the Prep Work: 1. A Vacation Day (5:43 a.m.): Joe was born at 1:43. I decided to start the day's gifts at 5:43 when his alarm would normally go off for work. Well, today the alarm went off, but no work for Joe! I had prearranged with his manager to schedule Joe for PTO today (he just didn't know it - until now!) This might be the hardest gift to top of the day. He was soooo excited - actually too excited - he couldn't fall back to sleep and keeps rambling about how he should/could spend the day - he has so far mentioned going to get Dunkin, golf, Indians game, going out to eat - little does he know he will be gifted all of those things before the day is through! 2. A SuperHero Coffee Cup (6:43 a.m.) 3. Dunkin Donuts (7:43 a.m.) 4. Messy Huevos (8:43 a.m.): So I seriously considered not posting this one but I'm going to swallow my pride and post it anyway. I broke a yolk on first set so I ate those and then made another set for Joe and broke those too and I wasn't about to waste any food so I tried to cover up the broken yolk with a sausage patty but looking at the picture I wasn't fooling anybody and it actually just made it look worse. 5. Interview with Liv (9:43 a.m.):Some of my personal favorites: "My Daddy's favorite animal is...I don't know maybe we should ask him" oh and the fact that "Go Brownies" was the answer to at least three questions! 6. Premium Car Wash (10:43 a.m.) 7. Get Your Jam On (11:43 a.m.) 8. Money, Money, Money (12:43 p.m.) I played the time Joe was born for midday drawing - Wish us luck! 9. Sentimental Card (1:43 p.m.) 10. Chili Pistachios - WHAT?! (2:43 p.m.) Yes, you heard right they now make chili flavored pistachios 11. Jeremy! Hooray for old friends!(3:43 p.m.): Joe hasn't seen Jeremy since our wedding nine years ago. What a fantastic surprise! 12. Night Town (4:43 p.m.) 13. Omaha Steak Package which includes filets, burgers, dogs, potatoes, and other stuff I don't remember ;) (5:43 p.m.) 14. Chip Clips (6:43 p.m.): Joe always uses those black binder clips on our chip bags and it drives me crazy so this one was kind of a gift for me too! 15. Smoke 'em if you got 'em (7:43 p.m.): Cigar Shop gift certificate 16. Golf(8:43 p.m.): Little Mountain Gift Certificate 17. Propane Gage (9:43 p.m.) Disclaimer: The following with the exception of number 19 were postponed until this morning as I thought sleep could be considered a gift as well :) 18. Indians Tickets (10:43 p.m.) 19. You can figure it out (11:43 a.m.) 20. New Boxers (12:43 a.m.) 21. Poop Bags (1:43 a.m.): I may have promised Joe that when we got a dog I would take full responsibility. Well, you know how that goes. Joe is usually the pooper picker up on walks so I thought this would come in handy. 22. Soap Dish (2:43 a.m.):Who doesn't hate soap scum! I got this idea when I saw my brother-in-law's soap dish in our spare bathroom. (He's currently living with us). I have to say that I like his with the suction cups better but I was running out of time so I had to deal with whatever selection was at Target. 23. Yankee Candle Car Air Freshener (3:43 a.m.): This was a fanatic fluke of a find. I was just strolling through the store when I happened upon it. They were out of the "on the green" (smells like golf greens) one but this one smells just like the beach. You clip it onto your car air vent and you are transported to vacation. 24. Daddy and Daughter Convo (4:43 a.m.): Nice way to end the gifts. This was supposed to be on a plate that Liv could decorate but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to cut a 2 and 3/8 in. circle which the directions dictated as the required picture size.