Summer Bucket List - 25 things to accomplish this summer

I love that I always have these grand ideas when I am broke and have no time :) 1. Go to the West Side Market 2. Go to Cleveland Flea 3. Take Olivia to her first baseball game 4. Have a favorite things party 5. Try Fahrenheit restaurant 6. Make my pinterest pots 7. Make fairy jars 8. Catch lightning bugs 9. Library read program with Olivia 10.Have an ice cream bar with Liv 11.Take Liv to see fireworks 12.Go to Veteran's Park 13.Go to Spuddy's 14.Take Liv to play miniature golf 15.Take Liv to her first drive-in 16.Mommy and me manicure 17.Go to bed one night in something sexier than my ripped Austin Construction t-shirt and sweatpants 18.Make cardboard slide down stairs 19.Complete Rosetta Stone Unit 20.Take Olivia to a carnival 21.Milk rainbows 22.Glow in the dark bubbles 23.Learn how to spell definitely 24.Finish a novel 25.Another pic for Liv's gallery wall