Friday, April 10, 2015

Bucket List

So I've done a New Year's List and a Nectar List, but not an official Bucket List so here goes...and speaking of lists +Lisa Dionisi Whitehead did you start our official hate/like google docs and add your new vocab word to our other list lol.
  1. Trapeze workout
  2. Scuba dive +Lisa Dionisi Whitehead 
  3. Glamping  +Lisa Dionisi Whitehead  +Ashley Keene
  4. Learn a foreign language - Miguel - como fue espanol?
  5. Go to Paris - Doug, you can be my tour guide :)
  6. Visit the South Pacific
  7. Grand Canyon
  8. Hot air balloon ride/festival )
  9. Master some yoga inversions - Nat and Mary: I need some serious help here!
  10. Visit a psychic or have one visit us
  11. Learn how to to play guitar 
  12. Stomp grapes in a vineyard
  13. Get out of my comfort zone
  14. Buddhist temple in Bali and Mulia hotel
  15. Have a real Christmas tree
  16. Host an exchange student - Lisa -hoping I can do this for CIP at some point - would love an au pair so Liv and I can practice our Spanish but they are expensive
  17. See a shooting star
  18. Chakra balance
  19. Create art for my house
  20. Be the subject for a still life sketch class
  21. Hang gliding
  22. Take a greek mythology class
  23. Tie dye +Lisa Dionisi Whitehead  +Ashley Keene 
  24. Jamboree in the hills +Gina Speelman
  25. Haunted Punderson
  26. Frankenmuth, Michigan
  27. Belfast, Ireland
  28. Dive for pearls
  29. Service trip - +Gina Speelman - remember our School of the Americas protest in Georgia?
  30. Sailing
  31. Drum circle 
  32. Dinner celebrating the feminine  - Sark
  33. Bayou trip with +Gina Speelman 
  34. SAS reunion +Gina Speelman, Mel, Doug, James, John 
  35. Complete my peace studies certificate - Ty
  36. Learn to play chess
  37. Have a breathing room - Thich Nhat Hanh
  38. Whistle with my fingers 
  39. Take Liv to International Children's Festival
  40. Cleveland International Film Festival +Bridget Kriner 
  41. Visit all the states 
  42. African safari 
  43. Ride a train
  44. Surf 
  45. Cousin's club
  46. Attend an Indian wedding
  47. Ride a bike with a basket on it (preferably in PEI)
  48. Ride a mechanical bull
  49. Double dutch jump rope
  50. Teach Liv how to make the old school thread friendship bracelet
  51. Do a home improvement project instead of paying someone to do it
  52. Travel alone
  53. Take myself on artist's dates
  54. Wear a big hat on derby day 
  55. Big Spring Botanical Garden 
  56. Research my family tree
  57. House swap - I particularly would like it to play out like something from the movie "The Holiday"
  58. Keep asking - especially for the unlikely 
  59. Write Gilbert 
  60. Stay at Hotel Palais
  61. Write an article for elephant rebelle
  62. I also want to donate everything when I die and have my ashes placed in the ocean to help its ecosystem but it is quite expensive to fund this :) I once watched a special on this on the Discovery Channel and now can't find additional info. on the process - oh yay! - I think I just found the site:
  63. Attend a masquerade ball
  64. Throw candy from a parade float

Friday, April 3, 2015

Broadway in CLE

So one of my favorite things about this city is that we are home to the biggest theater district outside NYC. Add in the awesome GE chandelier, the plethora of new restaurants, and a great launch party and I love my city even more.
Dazzle the District Images

 Monday night after enjoying an open bar and apps we were the first to learn of the new series lineup scheduled for the 2015-2016 season...

Drum roll please....

After the introduction of the first show Bullets Over Broadway I started getting anxious. While the show itself looks cute, I despise Woody Allen and just sort of wish I didn't know he wrote/directed the show.

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder looked a little hokey, but seems to be a fan favorite and the 2014 Tony winner so I'm hoping I will be pleasantly surprised with the production.

I was totally intrigued by the concept of If/Then. Who of us hasn't wondered how differently life may have turned out if we had substituted a choice here, picked an alternative there. The plot sounds not unlike the Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors from the late 90's. I did, however, hear that the show is confusing so luckily the presenter at Donor Night gave the audience members what may be a much needed hint with the removal and addition of her glasses to illustrate that when the protagonist has her glasses on we are in one version of Elizabeth's life, and when off another.

Soooo excited for Beautiful - the biography of Carole King with such iconic songs as Locomotion and You've Lost that Loving Feeling. I also think a 'beautiful' sweatshirt souvenir will be perfect for yoga. I don't know if these yet exist, but I'm still kicking myself for not buying the bright yellow sweatshirt from this year's production of Motown, that I'm already planning ahead ;)

I was also pumped to see Matilda in the lineup and had planned on taking Liv, but after seeing a trailer for the show, it is looking rather dark for a five year old: Matilda Trailer.

And seriously who hasn't cried their eyes out to the movie Steel Magnolias. Pumped to see how this translates to the big stage.

As for the 'headliner' of the series, I am a  disappointed but only because I've seen Phantom so many times already. I was happy, however, to see that this was the only repeat in the series from the past few years. I plan on using my swap-a-show donor option to switch this out for Annie or Wizard of Oz.

Here's to another great season ahead and looking forward to hearing reviews from all of you!