Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 33: Be on the lookout for the paranormal

Instructions: There is more to the world than meets the eye. Today try to be especially receptive to paranormal manifestations and determine for yourself whether there is indeed a world beyond the veil. Here is a list of clues to look out for in ascending order of conclusiveness.

Odd feeling, strange wind-like whisper, flutey sounds in the distance, scratching noises, unexplained smells, unexplained footsteps, fleeting shadows, feelings of being watched, dogs barking, cats barking = don't jump to conclusions; there is probably a perfectly innocent explanation.

Voices, voices of people dead for months, voices of people dead for years, doors opening, cupboard doors opening, keys disappearing, keys reappearing, lights turning on and off, mist appearing out of nowhere, being touched by an invisible hand = curiouser and curiouser, contact your local paranormal investigator and probe further

Being slapped by invisible hand, furniture moving, dinner plates flying across the room, spouse speaking in tongues, apparition (ghost, zombie, hungry zombie), blood sluicing down walls, head of daughter spinning, being strangled by own intestines = you've probed too far; get the hell out if it's not too late