Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Days 57-60

Day 57: Today, try food that scares you
Day 58: Decide what skills to pass on in your family
Day 59: Are you psychic?
Day 60: Order an impossible pizza
Notes: I tried to order a pizza from Manco's and Manco's with cheerios followed by Ash's request for one with mac-n-cheese and chicken nuggets. Both were a no-go, but the slices we did get were delicious all the same.

Days 55-56

Day 55 - Pancake Day: Today, a test of patience; flip the perfect pancake.
Notes: This was a complete disaster following the recipe provided in the book. The batter was way toooo liquidy. Actually, they turned out looking much more like crepes than pancakes and tasted raw in the middle which led to me throwing out most of the batter.

 Doesn't this look way too liquidy?

Olivia tried to get me performing the perfect flip! I was pretty good at flipping.

Day 56: Rock'N'Roll: Today, live the Heavy Metal lifestyle at its most decadent...
Notes: I just didn't have the luxury of sleeping until 4 pm, nor the desire to snort coke at 5 pm, following by countless other acts of lunacy that ended up with vomiting and an early death.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Days 53 and 54

Day 53: Today, Return All Your Junk Mail
Instructions: Junk mail clogs up your mailbox and forces you to spend hours every month disposing of it. But hey, if you it back, it has the same effect on the companies who dish it out Just write RETURN TO SENDER and change the name to B. Smith, Resources & Personnel Dept, and they will spend valuable time trying to work out who or what should be on the receiving end of your correspondence.

Notes: I didn't have any junk mail - do ads count? I guess not since they don't have a return address.

Day 54: Today count your farts. Everyone emits gas, except the Queen of England perhaps. But just how cow-like are you in your production? Today keep a very rough numerical tally to ascertain if your methane generation falls within statistical norms, or if you pose a particular danger to the ozone layer. Men: 50cm3 (9 emissions) Women: 20cm3 (4 emissions)

Notes: I am too embarrassed to even being to discuss this. I did record my number in the hard copy of the book and should anyone have a pressing desire to find out my number they can check the book when they visit next :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 52: Discover the meaning of life

Instructions: What is the meaning of life? Today solved that eternal problem by looking it up in the dictionary.


I invite any more exciting definitions of life :) Get creative people. I'm too lazy to actually come up with a definition myself, but would love to read those definitions provided by others.

Day 51: Sens-less Day

Instructions: Go through today without using your sense of sight
How to: Very dark glasses and white cane
True Story: There is an extraordinary study by Marius Von Senden, called <Space and Sight.> In it he examines the experiences of those born blind whose sight has recently been restored by cataract surgery. For them, vision is a radical new experience. They see the world as a field of colors. One girl was so moved by its dazzling brilliance that she kept her eyes shut for two weeks, only opening them briefly now and again, to repeat, "Oh God! How beautiful." Alas, she found it impossible to understand space, and kept bumping into colors. She was only ever happy with her eyes closed, pretending to be blind again.

Notes: I must admit that I didn't even attempt this, but the sheer thought of not wanting to attempt it for even a moment makes me appreciate how precious a gift sight is.