Thursday, March 13, 2014

Waxing Poetic

So today is a sort of down day and I need some uplifting words! When I was in college my hall mate +Amy Madigan showed me a quote book she kept. The quotes were compiled from everywhere: movies, songs, novels, billboards, wherever. I loved the idea of starting one of my own. I am now up to three.

 It is something I have since shared with many of my undergrad friends and family. My aunt subsequently started one of her own. We have often discussed how easily you can track one's life - the ups and downs of it - by the words on those pages. You gravitate toward what you are experiencing at the time. Since the inception of Pinterest I do a lot more pinning of quotes than actual writing of them these days, but something about being able to read and reread those words in times of both desperation and great joy brings me immense comfort.

I would love to hear people's faves! If there is a passage or poem you particularly like you might be interested in this gem my aunt found and gifted to her son! Ohhh how I love words, technology, pinterest, and etsy!