Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nervous - Want to post like a million of those emoticons of the smiley face biting his/her nails

So it's the first day of spring and I made a commitment to try to follow the suggestions in "This Book Will Change Your Life," but now I'm scared to do it - second guessing having ever touted my attempt on this blog. I am even more anxious as I couldn't convince even one other 'free spirit' to take the journey with me. I'm still hoping I can count on my sidekick in everything - +Ashley Keene,  but she never did give me a definitive answer. So here it goes - opening to page one to see what my task for the day is - Phew! Day 1 starts out "As this is your first day, you should warm up with an easy task....".  Here is a shot of the first page:

For all my writer friends I did bookmark a new site I learned about (thanks for the recommendation Matt): Ready to Write a Novel

I'm also thinking I will try the one minute hunger strike later today - I'm waiting until I'm actually really hungry to make it more

Boy, I guess I am an overachiever!