Sunday, March 16, 2014

Flour Restaurant

So I'm happy to say I already can't wait to plan my next visit to Flour in spite of the shared booth style seating of which I am not a fan!

See how the booths are one long seating bench you have to share with other parties
Four of us dined and here is what we ordered:

PEI Mussels $12 - My only complaint regarding the food concerned the 'fishiness' of the mussels. I got a bite of the slimy mucus part and it ruined me for the rest. I am really picky about where I eat mussels and any hint of 'ocean' in my mouth is an immediate turnoff.
Calamari $12.50 - Good. Very lightly breaded. Would have liked a larger portion.

Our waiter let us order as much white bread as we wanted...which was a lot! This always gains points in my book.

I ordered the ricotta agnolotti ($15 for the half order). I had to google image  what exactl that was, but I am so glad I did because after seeing the picture, I was sold! Well, due to that and the deal my sister struck with me: she would share her lobster strozzapreti with me if I chose the agnolotti and went halfsies. Here is a picture of my actual dish:
I have to say that very rarely has it happened that I can actually feel a mix of distinct flavors in my mouth. With this dish I did and I loved what I tasted! My sister and I thought the addition of some thin slivers of prosciutto would be a nice addition, but over all I would highly recommend this delectable dish!

As I mentioned my sister +Ashley Keene went with the lobster strozzapreti ($19 for the half order). Her's tasted equally as delicious. I hate when a pasta is swimming in sauce. This dish had what I would consider the perfect amount. I loved the generous amount of what we call 'shakey cheese' in my family on top! Even with the half portion she still needed a take home box.
My husband ordered the miso glazed salmon ($24) and for someone who doesn't normally order fish (I think he was feeling guilty due to the 4 loaves of bread we consumed and trying to be weight watcher conscious lol), he was more than pleased with the entree. The salmon was cooked perfectly and the glaze complimented the fish perfectly. I thought the risotto was a bit watery, but he disagreed.
My brother-in-law ordered the porchetta alla romana ($25). I only had a bite and while good, it tasted salty to me but from what I gathered this is how it is supposed to taste? In any case, my brother-in-law had nothing but praise for his food as well.

Our service was excellent and a super friendly gent (who I am assuming was a manager) came over to make sure we were happy with everything. I LOVE when places send someone over to make sure customers are pleased, but can I ask why this NEVER happens when I am fuming mad over service or food?!

To top off our visit our waiter brought out a birthday dessert free of charge (yes, I do celebrate my birthday the whole month we were able to use the cards from our Cleveland Independent Restaurant Deck. I have no idea what the dessert was - if I had to guess from the menu I just found on google perhaps a chocolate budino.
I'm already looking forward to my next visit back. I will be trying the gulf shrimp!