Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 4 - Plan your next trip

I included a blank map for anyone who wants to print out, color, and share :) and then the one I filled out!

Instructions: Today, work out your globetrotting plans for the rest of your time on earth, and get on the phone to an accredited travel agent. NB: the State Dept. currently discourages travel to the following countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe, North Yemen. Fill in county by country: Green = Been there done that; Blue=Intend to do go there this year; Yellow=Intend to go there sometime before I die; Red=Happy never to set foot there in my whole life.

Notes: Leaving for FL  Monday - Finalized plans today although didn't need a travel agent to do so
Planned trip to New Jersey this June and will be contacting my friend Gabby Sheridan about something special :)