Thursday, February 6, 2014


So some updates on the last few weeks blog posts:

Brazillian: Thanks Stacey for the awesome recommendation. Nicole was awesome but the actual waxing was the most painful thing ever - like worse than childbirth pain. I don't think I could ever put myself through that again being that I literally almost had to stop half way through.

Closet Swap: Fun! Fun! Fun! Here are some pics of the free goodies friends walked away with.

Stella & Dot: Thanks for making the drive Mel and I am still trying to recruit more sales. I am drolling over the Madison tech bag and the interlock cross necklace. Please check out the amazing pieces they have to offer by viewing my trunk show (any orders must be placed by Feb. 22 for me to receive credit).

Kristina's Trunk Show

Let's Go the Movies: I am exactly half way through my recommended movie list. I have to be honest - some were ok, some I didn't finish, and one become my new favorite movie ever :) Katie (why can't I @you?) - thank you so much for recommending Silver Linings Playbook. I heart it!

Conflicted: I don't watch much of the Olympics, but I do usually enjoy the opening ceremony. I love seeing how countries from all around the world are brought together to celebrate something peaceful and positive. However, I am deeply disturbed by all the reports of what is being done to the country's strays. Makes me feel like maybe I shouldn't watch.

Random: Why in the world do I have no matches for all these lids? I just did this like 4 months ago. How does half of an item just disappear! Arghhhh. I guess it's time to whip out the new tupperware my mom got me for Christmas.