Thursday, January 30, 2014

Closet Swap Prep

This weekend is the annual closet swap and getting prepared is well...hard work. Try it on, take it off, try it on with a different pair of pants, take it back off. Suck, squeeze, stuff....

Here is what my closet looked like a quarter way into the process

And here are the things that ended up in the swap (just my stuff - there will be 13 other girls adding to the pile on Saturday):

Why can't I get rid of hoodies?
My closet now!

And I put this little number together with contributions from +Ashley Keene and Mary - hey, it pays to have a sister who lets you go through her bags before the masses! And friends who contribute even when they can't be here. It took me a good ten minutes to figure out how to actually put this shirt on, but once I did I was a fan :) I also have a pile of 'ummm, is this ugly or can I get away with it' to ask my bff +Ashley Keene about sometime before the party. Although, there is a very real possibility she will lie and then claim the goods for herself.

And here are some of my faves that are up for grabs this Saturday:
True Religion, Citizens of Humanity, Hollister, Free People