Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things in the works...

Working on a few big personal projects right now:

Relay for Life Team Preparations and Fundraising

Business website - +Jamie Ovens  tell Jim he inspired me. I can't wait to show him what I have come up with. Also, encourage him to follow blog!

I'm counting today as having kept to my Thursday blogging since technically I did add something to the Spanish tab, updated my profile, and included the following "in other news" notes below:

In other news:

  • Finished "The Affair" and excited to start "The Painted Girls"
  • Joined Twitter (I can't believe I finally submitted to the pressure)
  • I need $40 in sales to reach my $100 free for Stella & Dot - Who needs jewelry? My trunk show closes this Saturday so I promise to quite badgering people then :)
  • In the middle of watching the recommended "We're the Millers" movie and loving it. Thanks +Ashley Keene. So far my favorite scene is below. Check it out: 
We're the Millers Haircut Scene

Stay tuned!