Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Great Gift for a Foodie!

So one of my most favorite Christmas gifts this year was The 2014 Cleveland Independents Deck which is like a modern day Our Town and All Around coupon book, but solely aimed at foodies (it also fits much nicer in one's purse than the big bulky coupon book which I have been lugging around).

My sister +Ashley Keene  and I really like to give the gift of experiences when we can, and so I was thrilled when she gave me the deck and also by the fact that we had a built in double-date couple to dine with! (The only problem is that after reading the fine print the deck indicates only one card per party which sort of stinks since she bought a deck for her and her hubby and gifted the other one to my husband and I with the idea that we can enjoy many a fine night together at one of the featured restaurants).

Here's how the deck works: there are 49 coupon cards for independent Cleveland restaurants and two Joker cards. Most of the cards entitle the bearer to $10 off a $30 food purchase. The Jokers allow you to revisit two of your faves from the deck.

Joe and I will be using our first card from the deck to celebrate Valentine's Day. We will be visiting Pier W, voted by Travel and Leisure Magazine as "One of America's Most Romantic Restaurants," this Saturday (one of the restrictions of the cards is that they can't be used on an actual holiday). As an added bonus, we used Open Table to make our reservation which will allow us to accrue points toward a dining certificate at one of the site's member restaurants. If you don't currently use this free service, you may want to check out more details here:

Excited to keep chronicling my foodie fetes!