Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I suck at selfies

Okay so I tried to take a selfie today and realized I suck. I even used the tips offered on the Kathie Lee and Hoda "Toast to 2013" special that advised one to hold their camera phone up and at an angle.  As you can see it didn't really help:

Tried Smiling

A peaking shot

A second attempt at peaking

Okay maybe different lighting and a serious shot will help....

No dice.

So what can those of us who suffer from ugly selfies do? Perhaps I should have tried studying these:

3 Ways to Take Good Selfies

11 Fantastic Tips on Taking Good Selfies That You'll Be Proud Of

At least I'm not alone in feeling awkward in front of the camera -  (I stumbled across this post as I was checking out this blogger's curated collection at Joss & Main whose opening picture I heart - Love the sign and couch combo)

Hopefully, in time my selfie will look more like this:

I look like her, right?!

Anyhow, the whole point of me taking these in the first place was to showcase my new gafas (spanish for glasses) :) I have 20/20 vision, but have been obsessed for several years now with wanting glasses. In high school I tried to get my mom to buy me a pair of $400 frames that served no functional purpose. When that plan didn't pan out I resorted to borrowing Amy Fitzpatrick's. When I went off to college, I went from borrowing one Amy's glasses to another Amy's glasses. Below I am modeling the glasses of +Amy Madigan
Circa 1999

 And this past September I snatched my aunt's spectacles for a group shot:

Wearing Aunt Di's glasses
The funny thing is that as much as I loved 'reading' glasses, I have only recently started sporting sunglasses.
So what is consensus? It actually doesn't really matter as regardless of what people think, so long as I can get used to these on my face for any extended period of time, I think you can now officially start referring to me as "four-eyes". I'm owning it!And loving it!