Thursday, January 23, 2014

Paying it forward...again :)

This one should prove easier than my 33 acts of bday kindness last year as I have a whole year to complete only five :) Thanks for the idea Pat!

To start this year off in a loving way I'm participating in the Pay-it-Forward initiative... The first five people who comment on this status with "I'm in" will receive a surprise from me at some point in this calendar year- anything from a book, a ticket, a visit, something home-grown or made, a postcard, absolutely any surprise! There will be no warning and it will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy.

These five people must make the same offer in their FB status and distribute their own joy. Simply copy this text onto your profile, (don't share) so we can form a web of connection and kindness.

Let's do more nice and loving things for each other in 2014, without any reason! 

My 5 peeps so far:
1. Stephanie (previous student of mine from way back - glad to see I still have contact with some of them and that they are people with kind big hearts) 

 2. Ladonna (my cousin - La, I am taking your 'i like surprises' comment as your assent to participate)

3. Ashley +Ashley Keene (my sister - I thought more people would respond and I worried you would be mad you didn't make the cut - glad you did! It will just give me an excuse to spoil you at a time other than a holiday or bday)
State Love Stamper

4. Amy (one of my besties from college)  
Friendship Bangle from Alex and Ani

5. John +John Kleinoeder (colleague and friend)