Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Nectar List

So I have been working really hard (ok so not really hard as of yet, but I plan to - I really do) on keeping a running gratitude list as I focus on becoming a better, healthier, more loving me. This is why I was so happy to stumble upon the blog Day dreaming in ink which featured a post on creating a nectar list. Author Sierra Vandervort describes it like this:
It’s a lot like a Bucket List, but instead of listing the things we want to do before we kick the bucket, we list the things that have been the nectar of our existence so far. It’s cheesy, I know, but urbandictionary told me sweet nectar was slang for “to live” like kick the bucket is slang for “to die.” So deal with it.
So here goes mine:

  1. I have the honor of being the mom to the most intuitive and kind four year old I have ever met.
  2. I've taken a road trip with some pretty fun ladies. Ashley and Holly - I still can't get over how much I liked the Yacht Club.
  3. I convinced my mom and dad to send me around the world one summer which if you know my mom at all is some kind of miracle. That trip is hands down one of my most cherished of memories.
  4. I have ziplined through the treetops in Costa Rica.
  5. I have a knack for picking pretty amazing pets - R.I.P. Toby and much love Quinnicus.
  6. My then boyfriend and now husband and I experienced the thrill of beating Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo in the same evening.
  7. I surprise myself - often.
  8. I get to take advantage of living in the biggest theater district outside of New York +PlayhouseSquare .
  9. I've ridden a dolphin.
  10. I got the chance to meet 'Reva' from Guiding Light.
  11. I've been published.
  12. I make friends easy and often.
  13. I've gotten to inspire others in a classroom.
  14. I'm not afraid to be vulnerable.
  15. I've watched the wild Spanish Mustangs run in Corolla.
  16. I've experienced the joy of tubing.
  17. I have gotten to eat the best lobster risotto ever at +Nighttown Restaurant
  18. I have been on work funded trips to Tucson and San Francisco.
  19. I attended St. Patrick's Day activities in Savannah, GA.
  20. I have a family rich in traditions.
  21. I got a car when I was 16 that was good for then and an even better one that is good for now.
  22. I get to attend cool professional development events such as the International Summit on Conflict Resolution Education.
  23. I've had an amazing steak and equally amazing gin martini at XO.
  24. My sister introduced me to Society.
  25. Pinterest came into my life.
  26. My first concert was TLC and Boys II Men.
  27. Exploring Barcelona
  28. Ordering a passport for my then two year old daughter to vacation in Punta Cuna.
  29. Seeing one of the seven wonders of the world.
  30. Visiting San Diego several times as a kid.
  31. Experiencing what must have been high stakes bingo in San Angelo.
  32.  Looking at miles and miles of beautiful smiles up and down the boardwalk.
  33. Visiting those people with the parrots in FL.
  34. Finding treasures at garage sales.
  35. Camp Fitch
  36. Getting married in a beautiful church
  37. Attending the protest against School of the Americas and singing in that circle
  38. Finding fellowship
  39. Having an amazing starter home in a great neighborhood
  40. Hosting many fun bags tourneys
  41. Having a laughing attack in a bathroom in Russia
  42. Dancing all night to Tom Jones in Norway and eating burgers with corn and cucumbers
  43. Serenading John with a little James Taylor in Portugal
  44. Skipping the tour and sipping sangria with one of my BFF's in Spain
  45. Big Christmas celebrations  
  46. My mom rapping at my 5th grade bday party.
  47. My dad building a huge snow-painted dragon in the snow and awesome haunted houses in our basement.
  48. Discovering how lovely tea is. 
  49. Begging enough money off of stranger to buy a butterfly ring at a music festival
  50. Buffett
  51. Mickey's - 'this is ladies night' song is literally playing in my head right now 
  52. Belting out Shania in Jen's Jimmy
  53. Snowflake the pig
  54. Amazing night when Joe docked at Ginger and John's house

 And if Sierra can have the following appear as number 38 on her list, I can certainly also add it to mine :). Looking back this does seem to have been extremely hard to Tom and Lori I still feel horrible about this :)

Sierra: "I’ve puked out the window of a moving vehicle. Not exactly proud of that, but seems like an accomplishment" 

I would love to hear some of the items on your nectar lists so please share!