Wednesday, September 10, 2014

OMG! A pinterest pin that works like a charm!

My house is going up on the market soon and recently I noticed some huge stains on our office carpet. No idea where they came from and my usual go to cleaner which is Spot Shot seamed to just smear the stain this time around. I decided to try the ironing trick listed on pinterest mainly because it only called for 5 items all of which I generally already have at the house: white vinegar, water, spray bottle, iron, and white cleaning clothes/towels: Carpet Stain Remover that Works on Old Stains Too.

Below are the before and after pics. You can see how much better the carpet looks after. I actually think had I done it one more time I could have totally removed the stain, but I was running out of daylight and only have a single shitty lamp in that room with which to work so this was good enough for a first attempt:

I am so impressed with this that I sort of want to go around to the houses of my friends and families, pour some highly stainable substance on their carpet, and then perform my magic trick to their stunned ooh's and ahh's.