Friday, September 12, 2014

So many reasons why I love working at a are a few highlights from this week

Reason 1 - Walking Taco Wednesday complete with caricature artists on hand and a funny t-shirt making machine.  If this brilliant idea is not on Pinterest yet it certainly should be. Open a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and top with ground beef, tomatoes, shredded lettuce and cheese, salsa, and sour cream.

Walking tacos! Students really could eat them while walking to class!
I also think it says something about the institution that I work for when the campus president is the one doing the serving. Rock on East Campus! Rock on!
President J. Michael Thomson Helps Serve
Reason 2: Cafe 4250 - Restaurant run by our hospitality students. There is a standing menu for the semester along with a chef special which changes weekly and costs only $9. This week featured chef du cuisine Clifton Hairston which consisted of the following:
  • Pancetta wrapped dates stuffed with manchego cheese and mint
  • Braised pork osso buco with risotto milanese and asparagus 
  • Key Lime Tart 
    I already have reservations made for the next two Wednesdays  - can't wait +Bridget Kriner and Lisa Dionisi. To read more about this awesome program visit: Tri-C Student-Staffed Dining Experience.