Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Days 55-56

Day 55 - Pancake Day: Today, a test of patience; flip the perfect pancake.
Notes: This was a complete disaster following the recipe provided in the book. The batter was way toooo liquidy. Actually, they turned out looking much more like crepes than pancakes and tasted raw in the middle which led to me throwing out most of the batter.

 Doesn't this look way too liquidy?

Olivia tried to get me performing the perfect flip! I was pretty good at flipping.

Day 56: Rock'N'Roll: Today, live the Heavy Metal lifestyle at its most decadent...
Notes: I just didn't have the luxury of sleeping until 4 pm, nor the desire to snort coke at 5 pm, following by countless other acts of lunacy that ended up with vomiting and an early death.