Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 51: Sens-less Day

Instructions: Go through today without using your sense of sight
How to: Very dark glasses and white cane
True Story: There is an extraordinary study by Marius Von Senden, called <Space and Sight.> In it he examines the experiences of those born blind whose sight has recently been restored by cataract surgery. For them, vision is a radical new experience. They see the world as a field of colors. One girl was so moved by its dazzling brilliance that she kept her eyes shut for two weeks, only opening them briefly now and again, to repeat, "Oh God! How beautiful." Alas, she found it impossible to understand space, and kept bumping into colors. She was only ever happy with her eyes closed, pretending to be blind again.

Notes: I must admit that I didn't even attempt this, but the sheer thought of not wanting to attempt it for even a moment makes me appreciate how precious a gift sight is.