Thursday, June 5, 2014

Days 53 and 54

Day 53: Today, Return All Your Junk Mail
Instructions: Junk mail clogs up your mailbox and forces you to spend hours every month disposing of it. But hey, if you it back, it has the same effect on the companies who dish it out Just write RETURN TO SENDER and change the name to B. Smith, Resources & Personnel Dept, and they will spend valuable time trying to work out who or what should be on the receiving end of your correspondence.

Notes: I didn't have any junk mail - do ads count? I guess not since they don't have a return address.

Day 54: Today count your farts. Everyone emits gas, except the Queen of England perhaps. But just how cow-like are you in your production? Today keep a very rough numerical tally to ascertain if your methane generation falls within statistical norms, or if you pose a particular danger to the ozone layer. Men: 50cm3 (9 emissions) Women: 20cm3 (4 emissions)

Notes: I am too embarrassed to even being to discuss this. I did record my number in the hard copy of the book and should anyone have a pressing desire to find out my number they can check the book when they visit next :)