Friday, March 1, 2013

Fake foodie

Why the 'fake' you ask?

Well, I like to think of myself as a foodie...but I have no formal culinary training, no real knowledge of the inner-workings of owning and/or managing a restaurant (unless of course my former career posts as waitress at Waffle House and Spirited Scooper at Handel's Ice Cream count), no refined palette that can automatically identify the difference between a white onion and a yellow one - hell, I can't even pronounce some of the items on the menu at the fancier establishments I have dined at....But I do know good food when I have it - and when I taste something I love I feel it is my calling to talk about it incessantly to anyone who will listen.

I'm pretty sure that if I actually took the time to use one of those budget calculators online that turn your spending into an easy to read pie graph, that the biggest slice of pie after my mortgage and daycare bills would be attributed to food. Most of my free time is spent on perusing urban spoon, researching menus, and reading endless online reviews in search for that next 'foodie' hot spot.

Unfortunately, I am learning that I tend to be hard critic where food/service is involved.

And thus the reason for the blog (and a special shout-out to a good family friend for suggesting it) - I want to provide real raw no bull shit reviews of where I eat, what I like, and why. Don't expect reviews full of words such as acerbic, brackish, and caustic - I don't want you to have to refer to a dictionary to know if the local neighborhood restaurant is worth your time, your money, and what can seem like the, at times,  impossible task of lining up a sitter.

Just think of me as a friend, one that is obsessed with trying new food at new places, throwing out some suggestions on where you might enjoy a 'delectable' night out :)