Monday, March 4, 2013

The saga continues

Today I planned on taking a lunch break at work and made an appt. to donate blood at 12:45.  I think in my acts of kindness excitement I forgot that I had a one o'clock conference call.  When the scheduling conflict dawned on me I tried to call Red Cross to cancel my appt. so I wouldn't take up a valuable donor spot.  Of course, no answer.  I actually had to drive there to say I wouldn't be there (not to worry they failed to put me in book anyway) and to reschedule for later that evening....Fast forward several hours - blood drive take two.  I read the eligibility book about which I had a gazillion questions, yes I have been to several European countries since 1980, my grandma might be of Hispanic descent since she was an orphan, I don't know if I took something with aspirin in it in the past 48 hrs. (does Ibuprofen have aspirin in it?)....I finally made it to the donation chair...I had read the book, done the screening, got the finger prick and was just calling my husband to verify we were in Costa Rica two years ago and not one when I realized I had forgotten to mention something...I called Joe and when he said we had been to Costa Rica last year I said, "no that can't be right - we wouldn't have gone to Punta Cuna only 4 months after Costa Rica" - oh my I forgot to mention the Dominican trip to my screener and so then I did....and guess what...a big fat DISQUALIFIED. I can't donate until 12 months have passed since our trip due to the chance of me having contracted malaria.

Seriously, why are my acts of kindness so hard to complete?!