Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Okay - so this is weird - I spent all this time making nice categorized tabs at the top of my blog and adding info. inside and now my cover page which everyone sees first is blank. I am completely new to blogging. I never thought I had time for it before (actually I don't really have time now - it is near midnight and I have been trying to figure out this blogging stuff since 9 when I finally got my toddler to go to sleep, but only after she picked the longest book off of the bookshelf and one which we have read every night for the past week)....anyhow, my eyes are crossing from staring at a computer literally all day (I work as an instructional designer and spend virtually all my time in front of a computer screen) - oh, yay, maybe I can finally get insurance to pay for glasses for me (Thus far I have had perfect vision, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to don a pair of chic specs). You can see where this is going (or not going as the case may be) and how I terribly abuse the use of parentheses and stream of consciousness...I guess I am really just finding a long-winded way of saying - Welcome! I hope you enjoy reading about my lovely, exciting, picture-perfect (just see photo below) life.  (*wink*wink)

Our 'pretend' picture perfect family

Our real life - letting my child have costume races up and down staircase with a sombrero on that blocks her vision - that's safe right?!

The two seconds I walk away to get her coat this is what happens - I sure did send her to school just like that too (my husband was horrified).
I always have been a tidy housekeeper - everything in its respective place

 And here is where the rambling starts again - this little trip down memory lane reminded me of a website my friend sent me today - check it out and thanks Aunt B!