Friday, April 10, 2015

Bucket List

So I've done a New Year's List and a Nectar List, but not an official Bucket List so here goes...and speaking of lists +Lisa Dionisi Whitehead did you start our official hate/like google docs and add your new vocab word to our other list lol.
  1. Trapeze workout
  2. Scuba dive +Lisa Dionisi Whitehead 
  3. Glamping  +Lisa Dionisi Whitehead  +Ashley Keene
  4. Learn a foreign language - Miguel - como fue espanol?
  5. Go to Paris - Doug, you can be my tour guide :)
  6. Visit the South Pacific
  7. Grand Canyon
  8. Hot air balloon ride/festival )
  9. Master some yoga inversions - Nat and Mary: I need some serious help here!
  10. Visit a psychic or have one visit us
  11. Learn how to to play guitar 
  12. Stomp grapes in a vineyard
  13. Get out of my comfort zone
  14. Buddhist temple in Bali and Mulia hotel
  15. Have a real Christmas tree
  16. Host an exchange student - Lisa -hoping I can do this for CIP at some point - would love an au pair so Liv and I can practice our Spanish but they are expensive
  17. See a shooting star
  18. Chakra balance
  19. Create art for my house
  20. Be the subject for a still life sketch class
  21. Hang gliding
  22. Take a greek mythology class
  23. Tie dye +Lisa Dionisi Whitehead  +Ashley Keene 
  24. Jamboree in the hills +Gina Speelman
  25. Haunted Punderson
  26. Frankenmuth, Michigan
  27. Belfast, Ireland
  28. Dive for pearls
  29. Service trip - +Gina Speelman - remember our School of the Americas protest in Georgia?
  30. Sailing
  31. Drum circle 
  32. Dinner celebrating the feminine  - Sark
  33. Bayou trip with +Gina Speelman 
  34. SAS reunion +Gina Speelman, Mel, Doug, James, John 
  35. Complete my peace studies certificate - Ty
  36. Learn to play chess
  37. Have a breathing room - Thich Nhat Hanh
  38. Whistle with my fingers 
  39. Take Liv to International Children's Festival
  40. Cleveland International Film Festival +Bridget Kriner 
  41. Visit all the states 
  42. African safari 
  43. Ride a train
  44. Surf 
  45. Cousin's club
  46. Attend an Indian wedding
  47. Ride a bike with a basket on it (preferably in PEI)
  48. Ride a mechanical bull
  49. Double dutch jump rope
  50. Teach Liv how to make the old school thread friendship bracelet
  51. Do a home improvement project instead of paying someone to do it
  52. Travel alone
  53. Take myself on artist's dates
  54. Wear a big hat on derby day 
  55. Big Spring Botanical Garden 
  56. Research my family tree
  57. House swap - I particularly would like it to play out like something from the movie "The Holiday"
  58. Keep asking - especially for the unlikely 
  59. Write Gilbert 
  60. Stay at Hotel Palais
  61. Write an article for elephant rebelle
  62. I also want to donate everything when I die and have my ashes placed in the ocean to help its ecosystem but it is quite expensive to fund this :) I once watched a special on this on the Discovery Channel and now can't find additional info. on the process - oh yay! - I think I just found the site:
  63. Attend a masquerade ball
  64. Throw candy from a parade float