Sunday, March 29, 2015

Back in the saddle

Ok so I've decided to recommit to writing once a week....the coolest thing about writing is that even when nobody reads it, you still have attempted to imprint yourself upon the universe; it matters not  that your voice fills a void of billions of other voices - it still seems concretely gifted to the world in some way which is pretty cool! There is something romantic about boxes of old letters (sent or not), a feeling of leaving a legacy (knowing one day my daughter might stumble across my words revealing not necessarily the truth of things, but a narrative of what I believed to be true at the time), and a sense of community with everybody else out there who wants to be heard - even when the listener may not extend beyond self; sometimes it is our own words telling our own stories that we struggle the most to make sense of.

So one of the things that has kept me busy not writing is house hunting - I am the worst house hunter ever by the way. I tend to travel with a whole search party and if my realtor wasn't one of my bff's she would most definitely hate me. She actually still might lol.

So I basically want a house that is aesthetically pleasing on the outside (this is like a non-negotiable to me and I most certainly prefer capes or colonials), has the charm of old-world (i.e. an abundance of carriage windows or the really really long vertical one, french doors, and built-ins), but with modern updates (i.e. granite counters, open floor plan) and all white trim - everywhere! I love a white kitchen too. An in-ground pool, fireplace, and a big winding front porch, white picket fence (with portal hole) for the backyard, and decent sized rooms, sans basement are also all on the checklist. I also like brick (red) - obsessed with The Confectionary Cupboard building on Center Street for those of you familiar with Mentor (they really should have a pic of the outside of this business online - it is sooo cute), black roof (no brown), and ivy up the sides or if I can't have that I will take a charming gray three dormer cape (there is one on Reynolds that I pass frequently and adore - I actually have thought of leaving them a note to see if they might be interested in selling and just don't know it yet) . Did I mention I don't want to have to really do any work on this house myself. Oh, and that I have a budget?

Here are some of my favorite inspirations:


(Might need to move to Wordpress: why can't I left flush or keep pics in order I want them...arghhh.)

I actually looked at the five below but there were some major problems with all :(

So what I am saying/asking is positive thoughts this way so I can finally get out of Ash and Scott's hair and start decorating :) And if you or someone you know lives in a house that resembles any of these maybe you/they want to sell and don't know it yet in which case you should call or private message me immediately?! :)