Saturday, August 16, 2014

Still tryin'

So I'm still trying to complete my bucket list from last summer....

Today I was able to cross off one of the six remaining items - to be fair, the item I planned on doing tonight with nieces and daughter was to create fairy jars.  I went to order the diamond dust a few days ago so I would be all prepared for their visit; however, upon visiting the Michael's website I saw this warning under my needed product:

Considering, I didn't want to be responsible for anyone's declining health I decided to go with a different activity. Instead of making fairly jars, we tried exploding paint bags and throwing egg shells filled with paint at canvas in an attempt to make Pollock like art. Here is some of Pollock's pieces:

And ours:

Here our some pics of the prep work, process, and finished process (we also managed to get nails and hair sessions in as you can see!)

Considering I was able to hold their attention for all of 20 minutes, I would count tonight a success.