Saturday, August 2, 2014

Redhawk Grille = Awesome

So I tried a new place this past Thursday and I'm happy to report I actually liked it (even though I was a tad sad I wasn't able to use a deck card). Loved the outside patio with the mulit-colored umbrellas, the sound of the waterfall in the background, and even the man-made fish pond.

 I started out with an American mule. While I loved the idea of a rock candy stirrer I'm learning that I am more obsessed with the copper cups these drinks are served in more so than the actual drink (no fault of the restaurant's - just my own personal preference).

However, my amazing Irish burger more than made up for selecting a slightly too sugary drink. The burger was topped with corn beef and melted swiss. Fries were fantastic. Prices were right!

An added bonus was how close the restaurant was to my friend Shanon's house - made calling for a ride after a few more drink orders super convenient.

Well done Redhawk! Well done!