Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Leftovers from last year's summer bucket list

 Okay because I am OCD I absolutely must finish a list even if/when others may no longer find it purposeful.  And, since I tend to start lots of new projects without completing my old ones (on a side note I plan to pick up with the "This Book Will Change Your Life" list on Monday) finishing this list will give me free reign to concoct some more lists that will also take me longer than originally intended to complete. So, with that said, here were the items from last summer's bucket list that still need completing. Thanks to Michelle at Elements of Style squeezing us in on this rainy dreary Wed. I can officially cross off number 16.

4. Have a favorite things party
5. Try Fahrenheit restaurant
6. Make my pinterest pots
7. Make fairy jars
13.Go to Spuddy's
15.Take Liv to her first drive-in
16.Mommy and me manicure 
17.Go to bed one night in something sexier than my ripped Austin Construction t-shirt and sweatpants
19.Complete Rosetta Stone Unit (update: since I no longer have access to RS I have switched this to watching all 52 episodes of Los Destinos)