Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 22 - A Date in Ten Years' Time

Instructions: Today agree to meet someone in 10 years' time. Fill in this coupon and hand it to a stranger or someone you hardly know.

Since I've only known Darcy for 48 hrs. and she seems a kindred spirit I choose her for this task (sorry +Gina Speelman our trip to the bayou will have to fulfill another bucket list). Thanks for getting married Maggie so that I had the opportunity to meet Darcy!

We, the undersigned, may only know each other casually, but we hereby agree to meet in exactly ten years' time at noon on the 10 of April 2024 at whichever restaurant is rated number one on Tripadvisor in Portland, Oregon. (I have always heard good things about Portland so this seems like as good a time as any to plan a visit). In case we have changed beyond recognition, we agree to wear the following identifying features: Darcy in a white shirt and boyfriend jeans and Kristina in a black shirt, skinny jeans, and black hunter boots (I hope I am still skinny enough to wear skinny jeans and I currently don't own a pair of hunter boots, but I want a pair so this is a win-win - I get a pair and look cool if they are still cool or if they are not still cool I get them at a deep discount and look retro! Mom -I'm thinking my Banana Republic boots you got me, though I love them, will be well worn out by then). In case we have nothing to say to each other here is a list of current }}hot{{ topics to reminisce about:

Darcy's list:
  • how hard it was to find boyfriend jeans in 2024 when everyone is wearing space suits
  • whether or not people still play Cards Against Humanity
  • how much collective time we spent on Facebook while it existed 
  • how many lyrics from "Let it Go" we can still remember
Kristina's list:
  • the hard life of an adjunct (not a hot topic to most people, but one to us!)
  • any interesting tidbits about writers, readers, and academics in general (i.e. the writer in residence train program)
  • what has replaced Facebook
  • how passé those old Disney movies are in comparison to today (actually I don't feel like Disney movies ever are passé so maybe scratch that and just talk about how passé everything else is with the exception of Disney movies)

Kristina Ambrosia-Conn and Darcy Morris

See you in ten years' time