Friday, May 22, 2015

Yay! We got the 'Belle' House!

So if anyone actually reads this thing you will see that I posted awhile back pictures of some of the houses I liked, but didn't end up buying for one reason or another. Well....I changed my mind and decided to roll the dice on one - it is old, really old but it is so charming and I fell in love with all the carriage style windows and french doors and...hello...anyone who knows me knows I drool over white kitchens. The lms description which described this house as "reminiscent of Shaker Heights architecture" may have had something to do with my change of heart as well. My family, and brother-in-law in particular, kept teasing me for trying to find a Shaker or Cleveland Heights style home in Mentor - but I did it :) When Ashley +Ashley Keene started referring to it as "The Belle House" because we thought it looked exactly like what Belle from Beauty in the Beast would live in (minus provincial town; substitute busy suburb) it was pretty much a done deal. Shannon and Greg got in my head saying just how much they could see me making the house my home and pointing out the various bohemian touches throughtout. The tipping point for me was when my friend +Lisa Dionisi Whitehead resent this listing to me with a message saying "I found the perfect house for you" having not known I had already looked at it and actually rejected it for various "more practical" reasons.

So here it is followed by some of my dreams for what it will eventually become:

So eventually I want to re-add decking onto the flat roof over the garage. Picture this:

Here is the kitchen now:
And when I'm done with it:
Add even more white and some aqua accents

And here is the dining room now:
I want to pull the aqua from kitchen by wall papering above the chair rail (see my vision below) and wainscoting under:
And the one thing I actually hate about the house is the big wall mirror in the living room:
+Ashley Keene and Scott are redoing it for my housewarming gift! Yay! So grateful! We are thinking something like the below:

I love white brick too

So pumped and so excited to blog out the process. To all of you who listened to me bitch, watched me cry, and witnessed me break down into complete melodramatics along the way (you know who you are) thank you for standing by me and stay tuned for one kick-ass gratitude dinner party honoring all of you!

Pic below has since been updated - 27 days till we get the keys and I get my pup back!  Woot! Woot!