Saturday, January 3, 2015

Afternoon Tea at Sisters Tea Room

So today we visited the Sisters Tea Room on Mentor Ave. And, can I just say, our waitress Theresa was so super friendly she alone was worth the visit.

The Sisters Tea Room was exactly what you would expect:

Merrily miniature
Lots of florals
Dainty and delectable

Detail driven from the sugared grapes to the teapot shaped sugars

+Ashley Keene  and I went with the Seasonal Teas which included a winter blend and a pumpkin chai.

We lunched on the Tea Sandwiches which included cucumber with green goddess cream cheese, curried chicken salad on a croissant, seasonal veggie wrap which included a hummus spread, and the roast beef with horseradish mayo on a cheese roll.

We got Olivia the dessert fancies which included a brownie with cherry, chocolate cheesecake, a cream puff, and blueberry strudel.

She, however, was much more interested in pouring and drinking the milk than she was with eating any of the food.

For a pot of tea, the four mini sandwiches, and the 4 dessert bites my bill was $15 - which is, in my mind, totally worth the experience (probably would be an even better deal if you could actually sit and converse while sipping your tea instead of trying to keep a still hungry 5 year old entertained! Not to worry, they had to go cups which they happily handed over when someone's good manners started shifting).

My only suggestion would be a kid friendly option (so I wouldn't have had to ask for those to-go cups quite so soon) such as a grilled cheese cut in the flower shape like the egg salad sandwich was or an old-school french toast stick drizzled with some syrup.

Thank you for a lovely brunch!