Monday, December 22, 2014

And we did it...

So we made a big we have been sort of, kind of, considering for awhile now and since her hair was finally long enough to donate to a few causes and for less altruistic reasons such as not wanting to have to deal with tangles like this in an already rushed school day morning...

After ONE day of not washing her hair and a bath and bottle of tangle spray later

WE CUT IT! As a prep tactic I had Olivia watch Disney's Tangled last night, talked about all our friends that have cute short hair, and discussed how much it hurts to brush those knots out! She was excited right up until it was actually cut off and then when I saw her face drop I started to panic! Right after I stopped the recording below and she was actually holding her newly cut hair in her hands I could tell she was trying hard not to cry; she also refused to talk to me.

Oh no! What have I done? Will she ever forgive me? Will she now suffer from low self-esteem for a decision I had a hand in helping her to make?

Not to worry - within a few minutes Liv fully recovered, was shaking her head with sass, and telling me 'I talk like a model now' - I think the manicure Michelle, Owner of Elements of Style, graciously threw in helped!

Olivia and I have posted her hair on the Matter of Trust website in the Clean Wave program.
Matter of Trust established the Clean Wave program to provide the public with safe, non-hazardous, volunteer-based solutions and green jobs to help combat major oil spills and common motor oil contamination. Through Clean Wave, Matter of Trust collects hair donations, produces hair 'booms' and mats, and coordinates large-scale efforts to clean contaminated water in rivers, oceans, and storm drains.