Thursday, April 4, 2013

Challenge - Quit Spending My Entire Paycheck at Giant Eagle Mission - Go as long as I can without going to the grocery store and use up everything possible in my pantry/fridge and then restock with planned recipe ingredients Goal - Save some money - if i wasn't so lazy I would calculate all my food costs from the past month and see if I can beat my number (hopefully substantially) with this new challenge. Added Bonus - I have the world's tiniest fridge and freezer so this should create some much needed space Pathetic Point - My pantry/fridge/freezer aren't all that full to begin with (in spite of spending my life savings at Giant Eagle and Marc's) Oh, and trips to the wine/beer/liquor dept. don't actually count as restocking (I have to be a partial realist here!) Random thought - I wonder if my husband ever started following my blog (only 6 followers so not likely) - this will be a good test since he is a facebook hater to see if is aware of this new life project. Stay tuned for start-up pics and daily recipes/reports. I tried to add pics here, but they were showing up in the middle of my paragraph.